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Concept Art Factory is a visual art and design company. Our goal is to create stunning visuals for our clients that establish their brand through visual storytelling. From a logo, ad campaigns, website design, video games, films, UI/UX, and beyond.

About the Owner

An Award-winning artist with expertise in multimedia art production with a record of developing visual high-end and profitable products that emphasize user experience through visual storytelling. Having the opportunity to work with exceptional professionals in the industry I have learned to develop as well as manage teams to create exceptional high fidelity work. Ability to implement pipelines, style guides, direct, and train design teams. I firmly believe that an artist’s journey is to continually develop and grow in their craft. Eventually teaching others as they continue to grow in their own creative journey.

Where I’m now

I currently reside in San Francisco Bay Area with my wife and identical triplet daughters.

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